Dear Customers!

Ergobaby Viet Nam – The exclusive representative of Ergobaby products in Viet Nam market would like to thank customer for trusting and accompanying us during the past time!

During the distribution of Ergobaby products, we noticed that there are many stores selling counterfeit products, fake products, products of unknown origin on e-commerce channels (shopee, tiki, lazada, sendo), fanpages (facebook, imstagram) and other website aren’t agents of Ergobaby Viet Nam. Customers must be really VIGILANT and CAREFUL when choosing to buy products on the market to avoid buying counterfeit/fake products that affect the health of mothers and babies.

To ensure that customers are provided with genuine Ergobaby products, the quality standards required by the manufacturer.

Ergobaby Viet Nam informs customers that the product distributed by Ergobaby Viet Nam will have anti-counterfeiting stamps and seals on the products to avoid counterfeiting in the market.

Each Ergobaby product will have 1 anti-counterfeiting stamp on the product.

The anti-counterfeiting stamp is affixed to the font of the product box

Anti-counterfeiting stamps will have 2 QR codes and codes of sms

Anti-counterfeiting stamps

The QR code isn’t coated with silver, you can scan to check product information.

The QR code isn’t coated with silver on the left side

QR code and sms are coated with silver. You can choose to scan QR code or send SMS to verify genuine products. This is only authenticated once to avoid the others intending to take the box of products and exchange the fake products and continue to sell.

QR code and sms are coated with silver that are used to authenticate genuine products

After receiving the product, you scratch the silver layer covered with QR code and sms. You use Icheck app to check products.

Here is the result

The seal is affixed to the lid of the product box

We constantly record and improve to ensure the quality for customers when buying Ergobaby products.

To avoid damage when buying counterfeit products, fake products, products of unknown origin. We recommend that customers when buying Ergobaby products, you need to know the knowledge that we provide above.

Sincerely thank customers for their trust and companionship with Ergobaby Viet Nam during the past time!