Cozy, Comfy Padding

Certified Ergonomic

Rest Up. Recline

Comfort is Key

Comfort is a key to a great stroll. That’s why we packed more padding than ever into the seat of the Metro+. It’s the #1 most padded seat of any premium, ultra-compact stroller.

Extendable Handlebar = Custom Fit

A handlebar that rises to the occasion. The Metro+ is one of the only compact strollers with an extendable height handlebar. Ergonomically designed to improve your posture as you push and allow space for greater strides


Quiet Time On Wheels

Sometimes family adventures and quiet time can’t help but overlap. That’s why the Metro+’s deep recline and adjustable (flat) leg rest are there to make resting on the go comfortable and easy.

Simple Fold

A true no fuss fold. The Metro+ takes one hand and mere seconds to fold up. Get your stroller ready to go up/down stairs or throw into the trunk of your car while still holding your baby

Newborn Ready

Hidden, built-in newborn nest flaps keeps the youngest babies cozy and secure. The Metro+ is ready to start cruising with babies of any age.

Smooth Strolling

Bộ lò xo được thiết kế ở phần bánh xe có thể loại bỏ những gập ghềnh trên đoạn đường di chuyển, giúp chuyến đi của bé dù bất cứ nơi đâu cũng êm ái, không gây sự khó chịu cho bé cũng như Ba Mẹ. Đó là những điều đặc biệt mà xe đẩy Metro + mang lại.

Great Grip

Form meets function with a premium, faux leather handlebar. Soft, smooth and perforated for a no-slip grip.

Stash Your Stuff

We stacked up the Metro+’s storage space, providing more room to stow away your things. The under seat storage basket has 16% more room for diaper bags, picnic blankets, etc. . . While the seat-back pocket is the perfect place to store smaller personal items like your phone, keys and wallet.