Return Policy

Ergobaby Viet Nam Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Ergobaby. We feel confident that we offer products and accessories that are of the highest quality and comfort, and we hope you feel the same way. We also realize there is a learning curve to using any new product, and if you are experiencing difficulty or have questions, please contact us prior to returning your Carrier; we can often offer a solution that will help.

1. Conditions of exchange

  • Defective products are caused by the manufaturer within 7 days from the date of purchase
  • Product has warranty card
  • The product has the agent’s bill
  • The product must be the same as at the beginning

2. Principle of exchange

  • Ergobaby Việt Nam assists you in exchanging the same product or another product for the same price
  • Products are exchanged at Ergobaby Việt Nam (37/2C Ngo Tat To, Ward 21, Binh Thanh Distric, Ho Chi Minh City) unchanged at customer’s house. In the case of customers in other provinces, Ergobaby Việt Nam will have a specific agreement with customers on the exchange method that is most suitable for customers.
  • For case where you receive products by post or delivery. Please pack the product as it was on receipt and return it by post or transfer to the Shop.
  • After receiving the product, Shop will check the product. After that, Shop agree to exchange conditions and return the exchange product to you. The shipping time for the item is the same as the shipping time for the shipment.

3. Note

  • In case you have a need to change product but have not yet chosen a suitable replacement product. Ergobaby Việt Nam will send you a receipt of purchase.
  • Purchase receipt is used only once.
  • The time to use the Purchase receipt is 10 days at most from the writing of the voucher.
  • A valid purchase receipt must be intact and clearly display all parmeters.

*** If you any questions about the exchange policy, please contact Ergobaby Viet Nam Customer Service by phone number: 090.148.9727, email:

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